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CHFS Community Podcast highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary work at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Episodes are hosted by Secretary Eric Friedlander and produced by Julianne Hatton in the capitol city of Frankfort. Send your questions or suggestions to Thank you for your support!

Oct 5, 2020

It’s not often that a person gets to return to a job they love with an even greater opportunity to make a difference. This is what happened in 2019 when Secretary Eric Friedlander accepted an invitation to lead the Cabinet for Health and Family Services as Deputy Secretary. A few months later, he was appointed to CHFS Secretary. Carrie Banahan, who has also returned to CHFS, is the new Deputy Secretary. They are pleased to be working together again.

Deputy Secretary Banahan started at CHFS in 1982. She has had over 27 years at the cabinet and eight years with the Department of Insurance. Their plan is to “pick up where we left off” by expanding services that support the health of Kentuckians. CHFS has relaunched a streamlined kynect with mobile friendly access, easier navigation, and expanded information, and CHFS employees will be happy to hear that applications for benefits will take 15-20 minutes compared to an hour or more.

On this episode, Deputy Secretary Banahan shares the secrets and shortcomings she experienced along the road to career success. She shares her commitment that all CHFS employees feel valued and appreciated. She talk with Secretary Friedlander about their passion for people and policy; and mutual commitment to do what it takes to improve the health and well-being of Kentuckians.