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CHFS Community is a conversation about health and well-being featuring Cabinet for Health and Family Services employees across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Twice a month, you'll hear exceptional people who are passionate about helping Kentuckians reach their full human potential. Join our community, and look for the "Podcast Preview" in your email so you'll never miss an episode. While you're at it, tell your friends about the show. Until next time... stay healthy Kentucky!

Sep 16, 2020

Secretary Friedlander interviews Wanda Hartley on this week’s podcast. Wanda has served diligently for 562 months at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, making her the longest tenured employee at CHFS. Following a celebratory lunch with Commissioner Miranda-Straub, they have a captivating discussion about life...

Sep 1, 2020

September is National Preparedness Month (NPM) and in this episode Secretary Friedlander interviews Preparedness Branch Manager at the Department for Public Health Robbie Hume. With the 2020 NPM theme in mind: Disasters Don't Wait, Make Your Plan Today, they discuss four keys to emergency preparedness: 

Make a...