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CHFS Community Podcast highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary work at the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Episodes are hosted by Secretary Eric Friedlander and produced by Julianne Hatton in the capitol city of Frankfort. Send your questions or suggestions to Thank you for your support!

Sep 16, 2020

Secretary Friedlander interviews Wanda Hartley on this week’s podcast. Wanda has served diligently for 562 months at the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, making her the longest tenured employee at CHFS. Following a celebratory lunch with Commissioner Miranda-Straub, they have a captivating discussion about life in small-town Kentucky, the Cincinnati Reds, and the personal satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Wanda takes the listener from the days of mimeograph machines, typewriters, onion skin and carbon paper; to high speed computers and video conferencing. Wanda concludes that the best part of working for CHFS is helping social workers, supervisors, and community partners keep Kentucky’s children safe.